I think the one thing everyone knows about me is that I love my pets unconditionally. I am down to two dogs in my household after maxing out with 4 amazing dogs. With my last two dogs getting up there in age I am looking for some doggy bucket list ideas.

Before I get too deep into the story I want to say I have looked into every possible option to save my pup. I would throw all the money I had at the issue if I thought it was the right thing to do or if I thought it would fix him. All the professionals agree there is nothing we can do.

PC Courtney

That being said; my dog is 12 years old, 90 pounds of fluff and love. His name is Papa and he may be the true love of my life. He has never had to be trained to stay near us or to walk on a leash yet he does it perfectly. He has a tumor on his throat that is inoperable and not responding to medication.

Pc Courtney

So I want to make however long we have with him the best possible days. We have started making him his own steaks, giving him his own pickles because they are his favorite thing in the world and we are trying to find adventures for him.

PC: Courtney

Any ideas that are local that I can do to make him the happiest pup in the world would be greatly appreciated. I know the dog park is closed, he is having a hard time being super active. I know pup cups are a thing. Was there anything special you did for your fur baby?

Dogs can sleep anywhere

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