Hagerman, Idaho, is home to some incredible natural springs and waterfalls. One of the most popular springs, an area known to many as "The Hidden Oasis," is featured brilliantly in a recent YouTube upload.

Blue Heart Springs is a site I have yet to visit in southern Idaho. I've ventured all around it--including Thousand Springs State Park and surrounding parts of the Snake River--but I have yet to kayak across that gorgeous aqua water. Blue Heart is located near Box Canyon, about 35 miles northwest of Twin Falls.

A September 9 video upload to the YouTube channel of Jamie Diaz shows just how beautiful of an area this part of Hagerman truly is. Boats are allowed in Blue Heart, as long as engines are off. It's a great spot to kayak and paddle board too, so I've been told.

The minute-long production includes some amazing aerial footage of Twin Falls, the Snake River and this picturesque natural oasis. It's like spending an hour or two inside a postcard that's stamped "Come Visit Idaho!" There is still plenty of summer left to visit this cherished landmark.

Bensound's "Endless Motion," is also a great background soundtrack for this stunning video. I always appreciate when people can marry the right music to their video sequences, and this piece makes me want to head out to Hagerman after I clock out.

Not to be outdone, if you haven't kayaked Thousand Springs yet, I highly recommend you do so. It's not far from Blue Heart, and offers views of the area's only underground river.

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