Now this is how you clear an accident scene.  I believe the backstory here is from Jerome, Idaho, in an area already congested by road construction.  Need to get the road back open?  Move a car blocking traffic even when the vehicle is upside down.

The Kid's Reaction is Priceless

I’ve seen this done before.  There was a similar video some time ago out of Oklahoma.  A tow truck can always come by later and remove the car involved in the crash.  In the meantime, everyone else can get to work on time!

Now the Whiners Will Come Out of the Woodwork

Of course, someone, somewhere will complain.  That’s what the rants and raves pages on Facebook are all about.  People complaining about everything will gin up outrage, but they weren’t stuck in heavy traffic.  Sometimes other emergency vehicles must get through, and time is a factor especially when health and life are at stake.

By the way, hats off to the trooper involved in the video.  That’s a nice piece of driving and control of the situation.  God bless the ingenuity.

I Would Enjoy That Part of Being a State Trooper

It could also be great fun, but we shouldn’t say that.  Because among the complainers there’s a view that public servants shouldn’t enjoy their work.

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