Nikki Haley Steamrolled by Idaho Republicans

The lines may have looked long, but only 5.8 percent of registered Republicans showed up to vote in Idaho’s Republican Presidential Caucus.  In Twin Falls County, GOP Chairwoman Suzanne Hawkins told Newsradio 96.1 FM and 1310 KILIX that 1,665 Republicans voted.  There were two locations in the county.  One at the county fairgrounds in Filer.  The other is at Twin Falls High School.

The City of Jerome had 350.  I haven’t had time to get all of Jerome County’s results, but it looks as if it may well have exceeded the statewide percentage (I’m not surprised because politics is as popular as rodeo and football in Jerome).

Why Didn't the Haley Voters Show Up?

A friend in Minidoka County told me some people cheered after watching Nikki Haley’s video.  As a friend in Jerome told me, he likes Nikki, but he voted for Trump and never considered another choice.

The hyenas in news media will say the percentage doesn’t prove Trump’s strength.  Really?  If Haley’s voters were so keen on their girl, then why didn’t they show up?  Because they were few.

It Was a MAGA Day

I spent two hours at Twin Falls High School and was among the last to vote.  I spoke with a lot of my fellow Republicans and found they were all Trump backers.  Some people turned away, discouraged by the lines.  If they were Haley voters, then they weren’t very committed.  One man told me he wasn’t going to vote when he surveyed the line.  He told me his guy was going to win anyway.  Guy means Trump.

National polling looks good for Trump in a head-to-head matchup.  The media jackals keep telling us if Trump is convicted before Election Day, a lot of his support vanishes.  Excuse me?  How many times has he been written off since 2015?  First, he would need to be convicted within eight months.  Two, by that point, open borders, legalized dope (look at Oregon), national debt, and shared bathrooms in schools won’t go away.  Nikki Haley will.

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