Apparently there is a new Magic Valley combination neighborhood watch/news reporter that offers up hilarious commentary from the inside of his residence. After seeing his first report, I'm left wanting to subscribe.Let me take a moment to introduce you to the "Idaho Hillbilly," aka John Daniel, and his unorthodox, but highly entertaining, brand of in-depth news coverage. In this amusing, nearly 90 second Twin Falls home-produced news update shared on November 5, 2019, Daniel provides Magic Valley residents with the play-by-play of a California motorist that got pulled over just outside his living room window.

During the recently archived footage, in which the "Idaho Hillbilly" claims a driver with California plates is the subject of an extensive search by local police--he even comments on the "government-issued" drug-sniffing dogs that are reportedly on the scene--Daniel appears to revel in what is unfolding outside his residence.

First off, I have to say the opening of the report--complete with ridiculous, circa 1981 music and visuals--immediately got my attention. I knew right off the bat that I was in for some hard-hitting, meaningful, Magic Valley content. This home reporter's pronunciation of law enforcement as "PO-LEESE," took me back to my days of watching Roscoe P. Coltrane and Boss Hog on the "Duke of Hazard."

The video is basically a warning to any Californians that might be considering passing through Twin Falls County with a trunk full of illegal drugs, that the "Five-O" will be waiting for them.

"Ya'll pay attention," is Daniels' advice to drug smugglers from the Golden State. He added that the night was, "cold," too, which I found to be the most vital piece of information in the report.

Thanks "Idaho Hillbilly!" I know the streets are safer with your unique brand of living room reporting.


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