Tourists to Yellowstone National Park have been very busy this year capturing some remarkable videos that have been shared across the world. A recent recording captured a large wolf pack known to inhabit the region riling up a Grizzly Bear.

The tourist who recorded an eight-minute video a couple weeks ago at first may not have realized he/she was capturing what very well could be the largest traveling pack of wolves in the United States. The Junction Butte Pack is 20 wolves strong, according to the September 20, 2020 share.

The pandemic hasn't kept people out of Yellowstone National Park this year, myself included. We spent three days in August taking in the amazing sights this park provides. While I marveled from a distance at a number of different wild animals on the trip, I didn't spot any wolves or bear.

This stunning video shows an adult Grizzly Bear being approached by a pack of 20 wolves, verified to be the Junction Butte Pack, which have been tracked by park officials since forming in 2012. Eight pups survived after being birthed from four different females last year, according to information shared by the park.

The person recording the video did the right thing by remaining at a far distance. Too many tourists have had run-ins with park wildlife this year because they haven't obeyed park ranger wishes and set rules. Most recently, a group of dirt bike riders taunted some bison, which would have resulted in heavy fines and possible park bans had they been reported.

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