Bears are known to attack moose calves, which irritates the grown moose cows.  I’m not sure grizzly bears make a habit of trying to take down a bull, but one fellow in Montana managed to get some video of a bear chasing a bull.  He was quite startled by what he saw and told a Montana TV station he was glad he was inside the car and not outside.  After all, he could’ve become dinner instead for the famished bear.

I watched a documentary a few years ago from the Smithsonian Institute.  Bears in the Yellowstone region have been increasingly attacking larger prey.  It’s because their usual diet of fish has been greatly reduced by invasive species.  Bears are omnivores and will eat just about anything when hungry.

Meanwhile, black bears are increasingly the issue in southern Idaho.  Fish and Game recently responded to a call in Blaine County.  A man was out of town and his garbage hadn’t been picked up and wasn’t secured.  A mama bear and her cubs had made a meal out of the contents.  Bears who get conditioned for easy meals tend to return.  It’s no different than us if we have someone cooking our meals.  You prefer the easiest route.

I was in grizzly country a few years ago, and warning signs informed me there had been numerous sightings over the previous month.  I decided that I didn't want to commune with one and hustled back to my car.  I've seen them in zoos.  Curiosity satisfied.

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