Say it ain’t so!  This could be the year without Halloween.  This week I was talking with a member of my city council and asked what was the prognosis for trick-or-treating during a COVID-19 scare.  “That’s a really good question,” he answered.  He has small children of his own and realizes this is an important event in their lives.  It happens for just a few years and then they’ve outgrown the thrill.  It’s a rite of passage.

They’ll then start asking if Santa Claus is coming this year.

The COVID numbers are slowing nationwide but there will still be hotspots come late October.  Are kids going to be allowed to go door-to-door collecting candy or will the risk of infection keep them at home?  We’ve already asked much of the little ones over the past five to six months.  They’ll then start asking if Santa Claus is coming this year.  Because of the government induced depression, his visits may be brief.

I suppose you could go out with the kids but who’ll have the time to sanitize between every home?  And I suspect the large gatherings we offer in the name of safety (by keeping them off dark streets) could be victims of the panic.

This is no way to live.

The Governor is extending Stage 4 long after “flattening the curve” served its purpose.  What’s his motivation?  Come 2022 the Grinch can ask for another term but after sucking the joy from so many lives…  well.  The man must be delusional.

In one respect, Halloween came early.  I passed a schoolyard today.  The children were playing outdoors and their faces were all wrapped.  Burkas next?

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