This is a reminder and an update from a story we posted at the end of 2020 when the speed limit changed. It's been more than 3 years now, and some people still haven't noticed the change and others often forget because it feels wrong driving 35 miles per hour by Jalopy Jungle.

My wife just told me that she caught herself going a little over 40 and slowed down just as she came into the sight of a cop who was watching for speeding cars in the area. I also saw a post in a social media group asking when the speed limit had changed. There were some funny answers like the guy who said 'it changed when they put the sign up' and some wrong answers like the lady who said 'it changed when they built the school there.' The real answer is below.

Original Story December 31st, 2020: There has been a speed limit change made south of Twin Falls that may catch you by surprise. On Orchard (3700N) between Blue Lakes and Eastland, the speed limit has been lowered to 35 miles per hour. So, get off your phone and pay attention to the changes.

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This stretch of road runs near the Jalopy Jungle, Falls Brand, and the Twin Falls Waste Transfer Station. The section of road, shown below in red, was previously a 50-mile-per-hour section of road.

Orchard Speed Limit Change

The speed limit change makes the entire stretch of road between Washington Street (by Swensen's) and Hankins (by Amalgamated Sugar) a 35-mile-per-hour section of road. A few years ago, the speed limit was also lowered to 35 for the portion between Blue Lakes and Harrison. This part of town must be a problem for drivers as many other changes have been made to make the road safer over the last few years. A 4-way stop with lights was added to the Blue Lakes/Orchard intersection to avoid traffic issues.

The speed limit change along with the reasoning for the change was posted on Facebook by the Twin Falls Police Department.

Response in the comments has been mostly positive to the change.

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