Wedding season is currently peaking in the United States. Some couples elope, some plan traditional ceremonies with music and speeches, and some go the extra mile.

While late spring is the most popular time of year for many U.S.couples to tie the knot, the months of July and August are also busy for venue bookings and decorated cakes. For Idahoans planning a summer wedding in 2023, a video I recently came across might give future brides and grooms some great ideas for a truly epic ceremony.

The YouTube channel of Raymond Chatwin Films recently shared an eleven-minute video containing footage from a Salmon, Idaho wedding. The bride's name in the production is Brooklyn, and the groom is a man named Joseph. While we don't know the exact venue this Gem State wedding took place at, the surrounding beautiful landscape is undeniably Idaho. Perhaps it took place on a relative's property.

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My wedding was low-key. It was me, my wife, and a wedding officiant, and it took place on the North Shore in Oahu. Neither my wife or I wanted to rack up tens of thousands of dollars in debt to get married, not to mention combined we have a pretty large family and wanted to exchange vows somewhere tropical, which would have meant flying people all over the place. It just wasn't a realistic idea for our budget, but in the end, we loved the choice we made.

You have to check out this wedding video. These Idahoans had target shooting with assault rifles, bows, ATVs, champagne, music, and of course the love of family and friends. It was a party (I mean ceremony) I would have been happy to have been invited to.

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