Ok, I will never not share funny things from local law enforcement because it shows that they are just like everyone else. Including, getting those pesky calls about your vehicle's extended warranty. This is a video you don't want to miss.

This video is honestly brilliant. We have all been there and you know, 2020 might actually be the year that the police actually start asking you about that extended vehicle warranty. Ha! Of course, I am kidding, but it does feel like these people are EVERYWHERE!

This video is relatable on so many levels. How many times do you get this phone call a day? A week? A month? Sometimes I start getting text messages about my extended warranty on a vehicle I never had a warranty for.

And again, I love when police show their human side and make people realize they are just like everyone else. They have a sense of humor, they have fun with people, they have families and friends and they aren't the bad guys.

In the grand scheme of things, police, sheriffs deputies, first responders, law enforcement, they all just want to do their jobs and make it home safely.

Though admittedly, if I got pulled over and this was a cop's response to me speeding, I would die laughing after I got nervous for no reason. Thank you for making my day with such a short clip and relatable laughter.

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