Graffiti at national parks and reserves across the United States is on the rise, particularly in the northwest. Officials at one of the most visited parks in the state of Utah are fighting a losing battle against these individuals that are continuing to deface natural landmarks.

Those of us in southern Idaho recall the incident in the spring of 2020 where the City of Rocks was hit by a still unknown person who painted over historical rock carvings from 19th century settlers. It infuriated many throughout the state, and donations poured in to help state park officials restore the landscape.

The Snake River Canyon was also tagged with paint in September in the Centennial Park area. Letters including "BLM" (presumed Black Lives Matter) were spray painted on area rock faces.

Very few things drive me more nuts than to have to look at the foolish trashing of our country's natural landscape by these dopey imbeciles that have nothing better to do.

Zion National Park, which is located 520 miles south of Twin Falls in southern Utah, is a destination I've wanted to visit for as long as I can remember. The park has been hit repeatedly by taggers in recent weeks, according to details shared by Park officials have described these findings as occurring on almost a daily basis, according to KUTV.

Thankfully, common citizens are answering the call and helping to remove this garbage. We all need to do our part, and keep our eyes open for those that enjoy ruining our amazing landmarks.

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