City of Rocks

Too Scared To Climb Morning Glory Spire? Watch This (VIDEO)
First, a disclaimer. I don't climb things that I don't have to climb. I am a big fan of keeping my feet firmly planted on the ground of planet Earth. But, I do appreciate the amazing views that climbers get when they brave the huge rocks around us. That's why I love watching videos like this one so …
City Of Rocks Named One Of The Top 10 Scenic Drives In Idaho
Despite the fact that I tried unsuccessfully to make it to the City of Rocks a few weeks ago, someone else obviously did. If you don't know the story of that adventure, the details are here. However, the drive through the City of Rocks was just named a top 10 scenic drive in all of Idaho.
Idaho Has More than One City of Rocks
TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX)-Many people have visited the City of Rocks National Reserve located near Almo, Idaho.
But, did you know that there is more than one city made out of rocks in the state? Yes, about a 100 miles northwest of the national reserve is what is known as the &…
ID Pending of Woman’s Remains found at City of Rocks
RUPERT, Idaho (AP) — Police in Rupert who were pursuing leads in a missing person case dating back to December 1988 found human remains in south-central Idaho that may belong to Norine Boyd. Detective Jeff McEwen, criminal analyst Diane Gines, forensic anthropologists and a cadaver dog searche…