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We tend to believe that when people enter Yellowstone National Park that their I.Q.s lose 25 to 30 points.  Is there some sort of strange force field emanating from the park’s caldera?  Becoming a touron is common at many parks and monuments and not unique to Yellowstone.

One very good-looking daredevil is evidence of a nationwide epidemic, and she’s not even blonde.  It happened in neighboring Utah.  Check out this link.  I’ve seen cats that walk across high and narrow ledges.  They also have brains the size of an acorn.  As adventurous as this young woman appears, I keep in mind people leap off a bridge in southern Idaho practically every day.  Albeit, they usually have parachutes.  She’s doing the equivalent of dog paddling in deep water without a flotation vest, however.  It does look as if she would need a large vest!

I would be nervous even getting near a fence.  I was at Niagara Falls one summer day 25 years ago with my daughter and niece.  I had to put my arms around my daughter and stand behind her for pictures.  And we were on the safe side of the fence.  I also know how she felt that afternoon.

If I’m in the nosebleed section of Albertsons Stadium, I have a sense I’m going to tumble down the steps.

When I was young and worked as a roofer, I crawled for the first twenty minutes before I could finally get acclimated and stand.

I don’t know if hanging over a cliff is stupid or bold.  I just know I won’t do it on purpose.

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