It’s a theory passed along by a YouTube host named Matt Kim.  A friend found the video and shared it with me.  Kim says the Ukraine aid bill included money for Idaho’s cobalt mine, which appears to be an on-again-off-again project.  The Pentagon is looking at cobalt as a national security element.  I would concur.

But the challenge, as Mr. Kim explains, is getting water to the process.  Shipping it in is inefficient.  Pumping it from somewhere on the other side of a mountain range is expensive.  Instead, the most efficient and cheapest approach is what’s available locally.  Which is in short supply.  If you believe what we’ve been told.  Are we being prepared for something?

We should also note the Metadata center in Kuna will slurp up water in gulps larger than an Olympic-sized pool.  Toss in tens of thousands of new homes going up in developments on parched high desert land and something needs to give.

By the way, Idaho House Minority leader Ilana Rubel just returned from a couple of weeks away in Africa.  She saw Chinese trucks hauling away mineral wealth as far as their eyes could see.  It’s like a Star Wars storyline.

The competition is greatly going to change modern life and stretch a lot of resources short.

Of course, if you ponder conspiracy theories, there are people on the left who would like to move us off the land and into 15-minute communities.  Wiping out Idaho growers also produces food scarcity, and then we can be better controlled by our rationed insect meals.

Kim gets to the story six minutes into the video.

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