In the TV series 'Friends' the group lives in New York City, but that was back in 1994 and a lot has changed since then. Lots of people are coming from big cities to Idaho. What if the group had instead been friends from here in the Magic Valley? Where would they hang out, live, and work?

Why Talk About 'Friends' Right Now?

The series ran for ten seasons and wrapped up 17 years ago, but ever since then the true fans have held out for a reunion. They even sat through a few episodes of 'Joey' in hopes of seeing other familiar faces. But now, in the wake of the pandemic, we have hope. HBO Max announced that the reunion special will be happening and we don't have to wait long since it airs on the 27th of this month. I love that they title it 'The One Where They Get Back Together'.

What if the Show Filmed in Twin Falls Instead of New York?

It isn't out of the question to assume the show could happen in Idaho. People are moving from all states to Idaho and six of them could easily be the group of 'Friends'. If the did live here, what would they do and where would the key locations from the show be?

  • 1

    The Opening Scene Fountain

    There are a few options for the fountain scene intro, but  it would have to be the fountain at the Downtown Commons. You could argue that the First Fed Splash Pad could work but the fountain downtown is less childish and better suited for the show.

  • 2

    Central Perk

    This one is bound to be controversial since we have so many coffee shops that would be perfect for the new Central Perk. I choose Twin Falls Sandwich Company and not a Dutch Bros or Starbucks. Here's why: Central Perk was a place the group could go and hang out with live music. I think TFSC is better suited for their gatherings.

  • 3

    The Apartments

    I don't know that we have any fancy loft style apartments in Twin Falls. Yet. So this location would be best set in the Not-yet-built Apartments in Downtown across from the Commons and fountain. Feel free to correct me on this one of there are better apartment accommodations in town.

  • 4

    Monica and Chandler's House

    In the show, Monica and Chandler get married and move out of the apartments and into a house outside the city. This already happens in Twin Falls. People have been moving to Kimberly in droves over the last few years and that's where the Bing's would move too.

  • 5

    Ross Geller

    Ross would no doubt work at the Herret Center at CSI. His job in the series as a college professor and at the Museum of Prehistoric History would be perfect here in Twin Falls.

  • 6

    Rachel Green

    Rachel was a buyer for Saks Fifth Avenue and loved fashion. A similar job in Twin could be any of the fancy and hip stores around town like The Brass Monkey.

  • 7

    Monica Geller-Bing

    Monica was a chef, and what better place for a fancy chef in Twin Falls than at Canyon Crest.

  • 8

    Chandler Bing

    What does Chandler actually do? Transponding?

    Chandler really worked in advertising so he'd fit in perfect here at the Townsquare Radio Stations pitching commercials and promotional ideas to Twin Falls clients.

  • 9

    Joey Tribbiani

    Where else would an actor shine in Twin Falls besides The Orpheum? Would he run the place or be an actor there? Or, would he act like he ran the place so the ladies would love him more?

  • 10

    Phoebe Buffay

    Phoebe is the light-hearted friend. She's in touch with her inner self (or selves) making Crystals Enlight the perfect location for her to work.

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