Moving is tough. It takes time, money, and patience. With kids, it adds to the stress and adds another dimension and unknown you can't prepare for. How will they react? Will they be able to make friends? Will they be getting a good education in the new location? Moving to Idaho has had a few complications with having kids but doing so in the holiday and winter season has added to it as well.

Schooling During The Holidays Is Tough

Moving a child during the school year can be tough. It pauses their education and can set them back if they miss too much time. Doing so around the holidays, while trying to settle into a routine and find a place to live can add to it. Is it worth putting your child in school for two or three weeks to then have a break for two to three weeks right after, or is it better to wait until the year turns over? These are all things to consider.

Your Child Is Stuck Indoors Due To Weather

The worse part of moving to Idaho in the winter with or without a kid is the weather. With a kid, it gets worse, as they are stuck inside due to rain, snow, and cold weather. They can't get outside and ride their bike, go to the park or play ball in the yard with temperatures often below freezing, and not wanting them to get sick. 

There Is Not Enough Indoor Activities

When moving specifically to Twin Falls, there are a fair amount of indoor activities to keep kids busy, but there needs to be more. To add to that, most if not all cost money, whereas moving in the warmer months, they could play outside for free. Places have closed down due to the pandemic, and it has hurt the selection of what kids can do indoors, with still getting out of the house. 

It Is Hard For Kids To Make Friends

With school being in and out through the holidays, kids staying inside and home with the cold weather, and limited places to go indoors, it makes it tough for kids to make new friends in the process. Once school picks up, this will take care of itself, but it makes it hard on parents and the child when they have nobody to play with in the beginning. 

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Kids need to be able to get out and play, meet other kids and go to school, not be stuck home with mom and dad. Parents need the break too. Moving to Idaho, specifically, Twin Falls is a great idea and a great move for a family, but if one could choose, I would recommend waiting until it is warmer and further away from the holidays to make the transition more fluid.

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