I just read a story on NME that claims the average american is spending $47 per month on streaming services. I didn't think that could be right, but upon assessing my own house where we pay for basic plans with Netflix, Hulu, and Disney+: it would only take another subscription or two, or a premium plan and you are right up there with the national average. But, I guess if we can't (or choose to not) go out to the movie theater a few times a month with this pandemic happening, we aren't spending any more than we were before. At least that's my justification for it. Especially since having the variety of options for my family is really one of the main things keeping us sane during the extra time stuck at home.

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I haven't jumped on the subscription trains for Peacock, HBO Max, Apple TV +, or Amazon Prime. A study posted on TRG Data Centers says that most popular streaming service in the United States is the one you can get for free: YouTube. Idaho runs a different course and our favorite streaming service is Hulu. Surprisingly, Netflix is only the top choice in three states. I'd love to see the data without YouTube as an option and just showing paid for streaming services. Obviously Idaho wouldn't change since that's not out number one choice anyways, but more than half of the other states would be different.

For the record, I actually watch more Netflix than Hulu. Sorry every other person in Idaho.

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