What would you do if you heard your favorite band was coming to Twin Falls, but they required a Covid-19 vaccination to see them? More music fans are being faced with this dilemma.

Yesterday, I read a story that the Eagles just added a new date to their upcoming U.S. tour. The performance will take place in Seattle on November 5, and in order to get into the venue, fans must show proof they are vaccinated. Does this strike you as fair?

Having recently returned from spending time in Seattle, I can tell you that the state of Washington is very strict about vaccinations at the moment. We were required to where masks to get into a number of businesses. I didn't bother trying to explain to any business owners that I am fully vaccinated, because the signs outside the buildings were very clear.

Fans of the Eagles are likely to take this development one of three ways. They will either be livid, and stop listening to the band all together. Some might just say, oh well, and travel to a different city to see them. The other solution is buying your tickets, and getting the vaccination process started as soon as possible.

Which of these scenarios best fits your personality? If I hadn't gotten vaccinated, and my favorite music group made this decision, I'd just go to a different city to see them. I got vaccinated because my 19-year-old daughter and wife both got the shots, so I joined them. I am, however, not getting my 5-year-old vaccinated, regardless of what anyone tells me.

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