Let’s start with the obvious.  One is overrun by liberals.  Idaho has mostly normal people.  Put the political divide aside, and both states have geography that will take your breath away.  Washington is also on my bucket list.  I’ve been to Utah, Wyoming, and Montana on many occasions.  I’ve visited Oregon on a couple of trips.  In fact, I spent a delightful week in Bend during the so-called pandemic.  The local liberals were in such fear of their fellow human beings that nobody harangued me about drug legalization.  The only place people wanted to socialize with me was when I stopped one morning for coffee in La Pine.  Just remember, the people there want to be Idahoans.

There is a mountain town in Washington that I’ve heard about.  It looks like something from the mountains of Bavaria.  It’s a popular stop at Christmas.  A few days ago, I was talking with a friend.  She lives in a suburb outside Seattle.  The same town is on her bucket list.  She also made it clear in previous conversations that if she could live anywhere, she would live in Idaho.  In Sandpoint.

I’ve seen some of the pictures she posts on Facebook.  Seattle would be a place to visit for a few days, however.  She warned me a Kevlar vest could soon be seen as an accessory in the city.

U.S. News and World Report rank Idaho as the third best place to live in America.  Washington edged out its eastern neighbor for second place.  Utah, which appears to have a lock on these contests finished first.  The magazine compares a number of factors to reach a conclusion.  The story alludes to Idaho having another massive budget surplus.  Revenue generated by growth.  Much of it is fueled by people fleeing Seattle!

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