What would you do? What would you do if you came across a family baring it all in a spot you know they shouldn't be? Nudity has been a hot topic in the Magic Valley for the last few weeks, and it is time to start thinking of what you would do if you come across some of these situations. Do you report it? Do you leave and let it be? Do you ignore it and continue your day? Does human instinct take over and you find yourself staring in awe? There are multiple ways to react, but if you see someone stripping down in public or committing a lewd act what do you do?

Nudity in Twin Falls

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A while back I wrote an article asking what you would do if you come across people enjoying a hot spring au natural. While technically not legal in the state of Idaho, it is commonly accepted and known that certain hot springs are clothing optional and most are ok with it. In the last week, multiple incidents have happened around Twin Falls that are not acceptable and unexpected. Recently at Dierkes in Twin Falls, a family stripped down in public. The area is not a clothing optional or nude area. Also recently, a man was spotted in Twin Falls nude while distributing lewd behavior. With these multiple situations occurring, it seems fitting to ask, if you spot one or both of these incidents, what should you do?

What to do With Nudity or Lewd Behavior in Twin Falls

Credit: Photodisc
Credit: Photodisc

If you are one of the lucky or unlucky ones to spot such an incident, what is the best thing to do? The law is being broken so the logical answer would be to report them to the authorities. Lewd behavior is never ok and should be reported instantly, but with the family, it seems to be more complicated. If they are just changing, before you could report the incident, they would be done. They may be European, where nudity is a part of their culture, but they are still breaking the law. Not everyone will be offended, so you could ignore it and decide to go about your business and let them go about theirs. Let someone else report it and don't make it your problem. Human instinct may take over and you may find yourself staring in shock at what you are witnessing and all logic goes out the window. If you are offended you could leave as well, and again let someone else report the incident. No answer is right or wrong. It all depends on how you view nudity and how it affects and offends you.

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It is not a situation that anyone expects to find themselves in, especially in Twin Falls, but it has happened multiple times over the last couple of weeks. I know I would not report it, because I wouldn't want to get involved. If I saw lewd behavior, I would report it and leave instantly, but with the family at the lake, I would most likely go about my day as if they aren't even there. It is a unique thing to see, but if you come across public nudity in Twin Falls, what would you do? 

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