Garbage in, garbage out.  I was away on vacation when the trashy arguments about rubbish collection were going on in Twin Falls.

The Council and Administration don’t have time to come to your house and take out the garbage

You can haul your garbage 50 feet to a curb or 50 feet to an alley.  Apparently anything government proposes must be awful for some people.  As if we need something new to complain about every day (leave the heavy lifting there with me).

Over the Christmas weekend I noticed it was quite slippery when driving and I also noticed the alleys in the city were snow filled and icy.  Simplifying trash pickup looks like a no brainer but the whiners couldn’t accept curbside is efficient and probably cheaper.

Some fellow complained to me the city must have spent a fortune on postcards.  What would you otherwise recommend?  Should the Mayor in his best broadcast voice march down every street with a bullhorn?

You could suggest advertising in newspapers, radio and TV and you still wouldn’t reach as many people as postcards can cover.  Some years ago I worked at a radio station where we conducted a twice yearly promotion.  Every hour during the event we would register people by giving out a telephone number and instructing them to call.  Once, when it was over a fellow stopped me on the street and claimed we hadn’t made any announcements.  Since I had made them 20 times a week for an entire month I asked him if he had been listening to our station.  “We’ve got the radio on all day!” he protested.  And somehow he still missed the message.

City government was right on this one.  The Council and Administration don’t have time to come to your house and take out the garbage.  Good citizens are self-reliant citizens.  And responsible.

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