Halloween isn’t all about the candy or witch’s brew: it’s about acting out fantasy and becoming something or someone else. And that takes planning--and a costume. Here are Twin Falls’ top five places to find a costume.

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    Everything You Could Possibly Want

    You won’t find many hard plastic masks at Poindexter’s but you will discover a menagerie of make-up, props, accessories, wigs and replica weapons so that your Halloween get-up is as genuine as possible. “What sets us apart is that we carry everything,” said employee Terry Anderson. “I mean everything.” Although you’ll find a few costumes suitable for kids most of the inventory at Poindexter’s, located at 257 Main Avenue West, Twin Falls, is geared for adults. Don’t want to make the purchase permanent? Don’t fret: they offer rentals as well. For more information: 735-0122.

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    Deseret Industries

    Costumes on the cheap!

    Times are tight but that doesn’t mean you should wrap you little ghost in toilet paper this Halloween! For costumes on the cheap, head to Deseret Industries, located at 722 Cheney Drive, Twin Falls, for the perfect get up. Costumes starting at around $3 and adult wear costs about $10, said employee Justin Sorenson. “We get name brands and costumes in every size, shape and fashion imaginable,” Sorenson said. “A lot of people create their costume out of our regular clothes, that’s pretty popular too.” With prices so low, you’ll be able to dress up the dog, too. For more information: 734-9412.

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    Large Inventory

    You’ll get at-the-store service with the convenience of a large website inventory by shopping at Zurchers Party Supplies. Zurchers, located at 1605 East Blue Lakes Blvd. North, Twin Falls, carries a wide selection of make-up, accessories, wigs and costumes at prices that won’t break the bank. Planning a Halloween party? Their staff can help you tailor your costume and décor around a central theme. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Chances are they’ll have it on it online at www.zurchers.com.

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    Get To The Spot

    The little tykes not trick-or-treating unless they are a Disney Princess, Transfomers Bumblebee or Captain Jack Sparrow from 'The Pirates of the Caribbean'? Check out Target’s selection of costumes for the best in this season’s trendiest get-ups. Target is located at 1611 Blue Lakes Boulevard North in Twin Falls. “I always get my costumes at Target because for kids, I just find that they have the best selection,” said Teresa Newman, of Twin Falls. With four children under the age of 12, Newman’s shopped around. “The three boys all want to be something different, we can get away with hand-me-downs some years but for the girl? No way,” Newman said. “Plus Target has accessories is we need them and buckets for trick-or-treating. It’s all about convenience.”

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    King’s Discount Department Store

    Inexpensive Halloween

    Conscious about support locally owned retailers? Then head to King’s Discount Department Store, at 1305 Filer Avenue S. The family-owned outlet carries a wide variety of costumes fit for the entire family and also carries accessories, make-up and the other supplies necessary in making your Halloween a hit! Tip: Shop early in the season for the best selection.