For a guy who spends a lot of time grousing about customer service I’m now letting down the salesman.

Be careful of what you wish for…

For years businesses have listened to our service complaints and are now responding.  Just about everyone and anywhere I do business within a few days I get a survey.  The feedback is clearly good for a company fine-tuning the customer experience.

Be careful of what you wish for…

Now I’m inundated with surveys.  Sometimes several in a day.  Some require 15 minutes of my schedule.  When I do take the time to reply then there’s often a telephone call that follows.  Where I’m often asked to give an even greater explanation.

Look, if I’m happy with the experience I’m silent.  Unhappy?  Then I look up a telephone number and make the call without being prompted by a survey.  I’m also issuing a blanket apology for the naughty words.  Please, understand, we all eventually turn into our parents.  Mine spoke in colorful English.

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