No matter where people live, they always want to complain about the traffic. In big cities or small towns, it doesn't matter the population, everyone thinks their traffic is the worst. Recently, someone took to Magic Valley Rants and Raves to complain about the traffic in Twin Falls and how congested it is and bad it is but is Twin Falls traffic as bad as this poster made it out to be? 

Traffic in Twin Falls

Blue Lakes/Pole Line

While parking may be bad and parts of Twin Falls are terrible to drive around, such as Blue Lakes and Pole Line, by no means would I consider traffic bad. The lights on Blue Lakes are too close together, on Pole Line all of the major shopping is in the same area, and of course, getting stuck behind a tractor or semi-truck can slow you down as well. The traffic doesn't seem to be so bad, as much as it moves slow. Nobody seems to be in a rush in Twin Falls.

Driving Around Twin Falls

Blue Lakes and Addison via Google Maps
Blue Lakes and Addison via Google Maps

While comments flooded in on the initial post, most people agreed with the poster. I happen to disagree. I do not find traffic in Twin Falls to be that bad. Yes, people drive slow, and yes tractors and trucks can slow things down, but overall it isn't that bad. Two-lane roads can test patience, but it beats big city driving any day. The key seems to be knowing what side streets to take and what time of day to drive if you want to get across town in a hurry. It doesn't take long to get anywhere in Twin Falls, so the traffic can't be too bad before you reach your destination, as long as there isn't a wreck or construction.

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The next time you drive around Twin Falls, give your assessment of how you think traffic is. Is it bad, is it slow, or is it fine the way it is? It may be the route you choose to take, the time of day your drive, or who you are stuck behind. Overall the traffic seems to flow well, and not be too crowded. It can always be worse, and overall Twin Falls traffic is doing just fine.

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