Would you eat meat from a lab?  I’m told it’s technically not quite the right description but science has created a process for growing meat from a few cells.  Soon, entire factories may be given over to production.  The city-state Singapore is going to buy chicken made from “scratch”.  You can read more by clicking here.

The writer is a conservative British politician and has served as a member of the European Parliament. 

many people around the globe simply don’t understand the tradition of American frontier culture

I generally share his opinions but he has little knowledge of American farming and ranching culture.  Sure, he may have watched Lonesome Dove and reached a few conclusions but many people around the globe simply don’t understand the tradition of American frontier culture.  The same culture that repeatedly saved civilization in the previous century.

As more Third World countries become Second and then First World, the demand for meat will greatly increase.  The factory and plant based products may have a role in feeding a hungry planet.  It doesn’t mean an end for the Idaho beef industry.  If demand grows, then all producers should maintain market shares.

Although, I did speak with State Representative Laurie Lickley about the future.  Her family raises cattle in Jerome County and she was an executive with the Idaho Cattle Association.  She believes the public will make buying decisions based on taste and the traditional product should remain atop the leader board for quite some time.

I agree.  I tried some of the plant based and my impression was if not for ketchup, there isn’t much in the way of flavor.  Which was better than my first experience with plant based burgers 30 years ago.  TMI, but it required an entire roll of paper!


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