I came across a meme on Facebook.  Apparently from neighboring Montana.  The beef industry there is much the same as here.  A cornerstone of the state’s economy.  As you can see, it still snows in cattle country!

Is Climate Change a Myth?

Last week I posted a piece from a writer at a site called the Manhattan Contrarian, and through some charts, he showed that a lot of weather data we’ve been fed has been twisted or cooked to get the results the globalist cabal seeks to better control you.

Among the people who are the least servile and subservient on the planet are American beef cattle ranchers.  They know when someone is attempting to ruin their lives and livelihoods.  And to eventually move them off the land.

They Plan to Snatch Your Liberty

If you eliminate beef, poultry, and pork from diets, the granola gobblers will say we can better feed the world on bugs and lentils.  If that’s what they choose to eat (and I suspect like Soylent Green, the elites will still have choices) then let them munch all the mosquitoes they can.  People who value liberty (a synonym for choice) aren’t going quietly.

They'll Equalize Misery

They’ll argue some people don’t enjoy liberty.  They would have the rest of us become slaves to misery in the name of equality.  Liberty is man’s natural state.  Enslavement and government arrived later.  Often in tandem.

Enjoy a burger today, and tell a liberal to put some cheese on it!  Just remember, these are the same people who rail against chickens in cages but celebrate killing innocent children in the womb.  They’re sick, warped, and depraved beings.

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