STORY UPDATE: The road has been reopened, but authorities still warn of dangers. Read more on that here: South Hills Road Reopens After Massive Snowfall.

Rock Creek Road is closed from Third Fork to the Top of the mountain.  Four and one-half feet of snow has fallen between Thursday and Tuesday morning.  The Twin Falls Highway District says you need to stay away.  For your safety and the safety of anyone who would be sent to rescue you.

The wintry weather we’ve been experiencing should be coming to an end this weekend, but it’s not going gently into that good night.

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A friend from Pocatello wrote me this morning and said he had ten inches of fresh snow overnight.  It was expected to continue through this afternoon.

The Sawtooth avalanche center has counted dozens of avalanches in central and southern Idaho over the last week.

When the meltdown comes, it’s going to be quite spectacular in many places.  While the drought is finished across the region, reservoirs in some cases aren’t anywhere near capacity.

A friend from Camas County wrote me Monday.  His removal equipment and his snowmobile were buried.  Since we’re doing a roundup, another friend in Minidoka County has called southern Idaho home for more than 65 years.  She was commenting yesterday that she can’t quite remember a winter with such staying power.

But then there are those of us in Twin Falls.  The snow has mainly been a nuisance.  The wind has been the only serious issue we’ve dealt with over the last few months.  We’ve got snow on all four sides and we’ve mostly had clouds and rain.  Let me assure you, I’ll take the latter two over the snow.

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