We’ll likely have pockets of snow in the mountains well through summer, even with some of the intense heat.  Last week, I wrote about travel writer Eva zu Beck making a pilgrimage to Jarbidge.  She discovered the road to Elko was blocked by snow.  A few days later, she headed for Idaho’s central highlands.  Where while hiking the Long Gulch Trail, she discovered the snow was so deep that she couldn’t make the cabin at the summit.  Instead, she set up a tent as a rainstorm approached.  She and her dog called it home for a night.

After leaving Jarbidge, her drive must have brought her through Twin Falls and north.  Long Gulch Trail is located near Ketchum.  I imagine that after she finished the trip she either headed down Route 20 going east, or she doubled back to Twin.  We’ll have to wait for the dropping of the next video for an answer.  She plans to head east.  She last traveled to the western United States and Canada in a south-to-north direction.  In a previous video, Eva mentioned she was looking for a place she could call home in the United States.  The woman has been traveling for much of her adult life.  A native of Poland, zu Beck has lived in five European countries.  Mostly Great Britain, where she picked up her style of English.

I wouldn’t mind her job, but I would want a bit more comfort.  I’m thinking of traveling the roads much more like Charles Kuralt.  I’m a bit too old for mountain climbing.  In a previous video, Eva did get behind the wheel of a large RV.  She didn’t appear comfortable.

You can watch her latest adventure below.

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