Do you still need more evidence to prove the people of Idaho and many Western states are the most conservative in America?  I saw a video from Fox Business Network.  From Stuart Varney’s program.  Bud Light sales are down double digits across the country.  The worst decline is 29 percent in our part of the country.  People are speaking with their wallets.  We should note sales are down even in blue states, and I can answer that one quickly.  The cabernet sippers in those states never drank Bud Light, but many in the conservative minority were Bud fans.

This follows Bud honoring a guy who now claims to be a woman.

AB InBev, Budweiser’s parent company, still brags about strong sales worldwide for its variety of beer brands.  That’s like putting lipstick on a pig.  The company can’t be happy about the losses of one popular brand in one of its largest markets.

I came across another video that tickled me.  From a comedian named Conservative Momma.  She has a series of great videos mocking the woke and the left.  In the one featured below, she plays four characters.  The leading one is trying to conduct a marketing meeting with some clueless liberal team members.  I think it sums up much of modern corporate America.  Go woke, go broke!

By the way, I had a great series of emails over the weekend from a man who doesn’t drink (and abstaining saves you money and trouble).  He was lamenting the direction the country is going.  But maybe, just maybe, the Bud Light lesson is a sign the pendulum is beginning to swing in another direction.

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