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What gets little coverage is that sales of Bud Light were sinking before any LGBTQ issues.  There was a time, 30 years ago when Budweiser products constituted more than 50 percent of all beer sold in the United States.  It appeared an unassailable market position.  Then came something called the craft beer revolution.  American beer had jokingly been said to have only one flavor after the repeal of Prohibition:  Cold!

All of that changed during the 1990s.  Inroads made by small and local brewers also created changes among the major brands.  The big players looked for new labels and new flavors.  In most instances, the alcohol content didn’t change much.  Usually, it was between four and five percent per bottle.  Then came something called ice beer with content between five and six.  It didn’t stop there.  In some parts of the country, small brewers began upping the content into the teens.  Some of the products sold now have a higher content than many wines.

I was grocery shopping one recent day after work and stopped to speak with some people stocking beer shelves about the recent controversy.  None sold Budweiser products.  One woman explained the latest trend is the popularity of beers with higher alcohol content.  Her theory is that many consumers believe they’re getting a bigger bang for their buck when they buy a six-pack with content between seven and nine percent.  If the cost is relatively the same, customers will select the higher content.

The controversy over Bud Light simply accelerated the decline of old brews.

I’ll save one issue for a separate post.  If Americans are increasingly getting plastered on a budget, a more serious issue may be afoot.

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