This has been quite the year for exciting wildlife videos from Yellowstone National Park. The latest shows a wolf who repeatedly bites a much larger bear in the butt.

Wolf Bites Bear Butt In Yellowstone

In the video on Facebook, posted by Gary Gaston to a Yellowstone Nation Park group, you can see the lone wolf messing with the big bear. You can't see from the video if they are fighting over a carcass or the wolf was just feeling playful. The bear doesn't seem to be amused and eventually takes a seat to cover his exposed bum. There are a number of birds gathered nearby which to me would indicate that there is food in the area.

Bears vs Wolves in Yellowstone National Park

Gary has a few wildlife videos he's posted to the Yellowstone group. In another it shows a bear who had apparently just taken over the bison kill of a wolf pack. The bear ate for about an hour while the pack of around 20 wolves watched from a distance.

Yellowstone is filled with predator and prey wildlife. Each instance is different and the bear doesn't always come out as the winner. Another Yellowstone video shows a curious bear as it approaches a pack of wolves. Due to the size of the pack, they were able to surround the bear and intimidate it until it left the area.

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In another video posted recently, the altercation wasn't between bears and wolves, it was instead a battle between a bison and a car. You can also see what park rangers have to do when an aggressive bear gets too close to visitors, in a story we posted a few weeks ago.

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