There will likely be trick-or-treating in Twin Falls this year.  The question about kids going door-to-door to collect candy has been recently getting some serious attention.  Covid-19 has caused cancellations and postponements of a great many events.  Some fairs threw in the towel altogether this year.  Concerts, sporting events and rodeos have been severely curtailed.  A football game in Murtaugh was played without fans in the stands (Murtaugh may wish it had postponed the event when you consider the final score).

she believes the public will be told to use its own best judgment

I had an opportunity to speak with Twin Falls Mayor Suzanne Hawkins about Halloween.  While she can't answer for the entire City Council, she believes the public will be told to use its own best judgment.  While some large gatherings are likely going to be cancelled this year, she points out it's a choice organizers will need to make on their own.

As for going house-to-house with your kids, it's a personal responsibility.  Respect the homes where families won't be passing out candy.  Many are occupied by people with health conditions or who simply want to do their best to keep their distance.

Many churches have in recent years distributed candy from the trunks of cars.  It's viewed as a safer alternative than walking and crossing dark streets.  These are the organizations and institutions that will need to make the most difficult calls.  Are you better off with one central location versus the street during a pandemic?  And, of course, many parents will simply choose to entertain their kids at home.

You can listen to the Mayor's thoughts by clicking on the YouTube video below:

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