For the first time in 25 years, Little Caesars has raised the prices on their Hot N Ready pizzas.

I realize I'm late to the party here as Little Caesars’ corporate office announced in early January that they were raising the prices of the pizzas that arguably made them famous.

Little Ceasars raised the price on the Hot N Ready in early January 2022

I hadn’t been to Little Caesars in a while, but yesterday I needed to feed a bunch of people; so I went for the option that has gotten my family through countless long days of work followed by frantic evenings running between cheer practices and football games.  Little Caesars Hot N Ready pizzas were always there, and they were always $5… until now.

What's the new price of Little Caesars Hot N Ready Pizzas?

I’ve never been great at calculating sales tax, but when I went to pay, the total seemed a bit off.  When I questioned the kid behind the counter, he pointed out the revised price and told me the company had recently raised the price to $5.55.

Here's why Little Ceasars is raising their prices

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out why. Inflation following the pandemic has had an impact on everything and the cost of gas isn’t the only thing that’s going up. Food chains and doing everything they can to remain open and staffed, and that comes at a cost. Restauranteurs have little choice other than to pass along those costs to the consumer.  And while we might not like it, they have to do what they have to do to keep the doors open and make a profit.

Little Ceasars in improving the Hot N Ready Pizza

It’s worth noting that along with the hike in price, Little Caesars says they are improving the Hot N Reay pizza by adding 33% more pepperoni to the updated pie. That seems like a fair trade for the extra fifty-five cents. Plus, I'd rather see businesses raise prices than be forced to shut their doors like this local Heyburn restaurant had to do.

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