TWIN FALLS, Idaho (KLIX) – If you’re itching to enjoy some time outdoors but don’t want to sleep under the stars, consider visiting a venue that rents cabins.


There are several places in southwest and south-central Idaho that allow visitors to enjoy the outdoors without having to bunk with the bugs.

Below are some of those places, according to the Idaho Parks and Recreation Department, which offer cabin rentals as well as plenty to do outdoors.

Bruneau Dunes State Park, popular for its sand dunes, has a lot more to do than recreate on a sandy hilltop. Boating, fishing, hiking, star gazing and even flying kites are popular things to do at this interesting site near Mountain Home. There’s not a lot of cabins here – just two one-room cabins – but each sleeps up to five individuals. And so you don’t sweat at night – or get too cold – each cabin has heating and air condition. For cooking, use the outside grill-covered fire pit. Cost is $50 per night. Call 208-366-7919.

Castle Rocks State Park, which is about 45 miles south of Burley, offers a wide range of outdoor activities. The most popular is what it offers in the way of rock climbing, but hiking, mountain biking, horseback riding and wildflower viewing also are popular things to do at this geologically fascinating site about 45 miles south of Burley. As for staying the night indoors, there’s a lodge that accommodates up to eight people. What’s more, pets are allowed, so you don’t have to leave Spot home alone. Amenities include a fully-equipped kitchen, four bedrooms and a living room with fireplace. Cost: $150 per night. Call 208-824-5901.

For fifty bucks a night, you can rent a cabin at Lake Walcott near Rupert. Similar to the cabins at Bruneau, these facilities sleeps up to five people and include electricity, heating and air conditioning. When dawn breaks, get outside and take your pick of activities: boating, fishing, hiking, bird watching, disc golf – you name it, there’s more. Call 208-436-1258.

More $50 per night cabins can be found at Massacre Rocks State Park. Massacre Rocks, not such a pleasant name, is so called because of a skirmish between emigrants and Indians in the late 1800s that left several people dead. The site today, which sits near the Snake River in American Falls, offers a variety of activities for the outdoor enthusiast, including fishing, hiking, canoeing and kayaking, among other activities. As for cabins, there are four at $50 per night. Call 208-548-2672.

Three Island Crossing, once a popular site for emigrants who used the Oregon Trail, is a peaceful venue near Glenns Ferry where visitors can fish, take nature walks, and visit the interpretive center to find out more about the interesting history of the area.  Eight cabins are available, each at a cost of $50 per night. Each cabin sleeps up to five and include heating and air conditioning. For cooking, grill-covered fire pits are just outside. Call (208) 366-2394.


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