The liberals like to tell me that hemp and marijuana are separate issues.  As if I didn’t know.  The word marijuana was not in common use in this country until just before World War Two.  William Randolph Hearst opposed the use and ordered his newspapers to call it by the Spanish name.  He believed the more exotic label would better convince the public to oppose legalization.  It worked, however.  It was cultivated during the war to provide hemp for ropes needed by the military.

The buds get you high, the rest is just a stalk with strong fibers.  Ropes are mainly now made from other sources, but hemp remains a resilient product.

Boise Hemp Fest is on Saturday at Julia Davis Park.  Organizers will see it by focusing on the myriad uses for hemp, but make no mistake, the buds are what they like and they want the state government to enshrine the use of their liberal sacrament.  The event is taking place in an area frequented by families.  They visit the nearby zoo and some museums.  The event is being promoted as family-friendly.  Expect the same crowd to be involved who support drag festivals and who openly expose their children to the performers.

One of the state’s leading Christian organizations is opposed to the dope event.  The Idaho Family Policy Center is being joined in condemnation by several state legislators.  The members of the House and Senate even represent different wings of the party but are united on this issue.  The signatories include Representative Chenele Dixon and Senator Glenneda Zuiderveld.  I appreciate their efforts.

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