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Remember the kid in the neighborhood who mixed his toy cars when some were completely out of scale?  Didn’t he end up in in a reformatory?

I like looking at old cars.  And classic cars.  And new cars.  As boys, my brother and I liked our toy cars better than any other gifts we ever received.  We had our Tonka trucks and our Matchbox cars.  Oh, and we didn’t mix them.  It was obvious you could put your whole hand into the bed of a Tonka dump truck while the Matchbox fit into the palm of the same hand.  There were no races of giants and Lilliputians when we were on the imaginary road.

He never tires of looking at the shining exhibit.

In a previous post I mentioned I plan to get back to the Air Museum in Ogden as soon as it’s open again for business.  And if you’re at one museum in Ogden, don’t miss the others.  Downtown is the historic rail station.  It’s split into several museums.

Including one featuring the Browning Family’s car collection.  The Browning’s liked automobiles every bit as much as my family (I had an uncle with a similar collection).

A guide and I were talking as I looked over the display.  He was originally from Canada and retired to Ogden.  He never tires of looking at the shining exhibit.

Those of you already familiar with the old rail station are quite aware of its other collections.  I’ll get to those in some later posts.

Once the pandemic fears subside, I’d like a weekend for sightseeing and perhaps spend a night at the Historic Bigelow Hotel.  Then life will again feel normal!

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