I have a theory that the reason November and December are holiday months is to distract us. Winter really is the worst and the only thing that gets us through the dismal days is the glow of the holidays. But those are over and now we are stuck with cold and dreary winter days. We don't even have snow to make up for the terrible climate. At least with snow you have a reason for the cold and it looks pretty, again to distract us from how horrible winter can be. Is winter anyone's favorite season?

I don't actually hate winter that much, I'm just bummed that we haven't had any real snow and that's the only thing that makes the cold worth it. Even when we were in the middle of Snowpocalypse 2017, I still liked it because we could at least go out and play in the snow.  But, even with snow, winter is still not my favorite season. I'm pretty basic and my favorite season is summer. Technically my favorite season is the time when spring is about over and we are heading into summer. Let's call that season Springer.

I hesitate to say that I expected more out of 2021, but the year is young and who knows what weather surprises will come our way.

Dierkes Lake Frozen In Winter

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