YouTube just made a big change to their monetization rules that could affect future videos from Idaho YouTubers. What they did is make it so that a YouTube channel can't monetize their videos unless they have 1,000 subscribers and have their videos viewed for at least 4,000 hours in the last year.

That is a pretty lofty goal for a video maker. I have a personal YouTube channel that I haven't used in a while and it was mostly for parody videos - I have 24 subscribers and a total of about 30,000 views. My page has earned me $8.24 which isn't much, but it is $8 more than I had. Believe me, I'm not bragging. I tried for a few years to get views and make videos and it is a hard deal.

Under the new YouTube rules though, my account and most of the YouTube accounts of anyone in Idaho (as far as I could find) are no longer eligible to earn money.

Here are the main accounts from here in Idaho, as far as views and subscribers that I could find. Watch their videos and subscribe to them if you want to help the video community in Idaho grow...and make money. If you have a YouTube channel let us know about it so we can help you reach your goals!


Hey Arnel - his top video has 37,000 views and he has been lately doing a lot of Idaho location videos.

Cody Hurst - his top video has 87,000 views and his videos are mainly product reviews.

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