Illegal Aliens & Violent Crime (Opinion)
No, illegal aliens are not boosting the U.S. economy!  Two weeks ago economist Peter Morici compiled figures on the actual costs of illegal aliens and refugees and shared we’re being sold a bill of goods by businesses.  The newcomers are usually a burden for several generat…
A 3.9 Quake Just Happened South Of Elko
The USGS is reporting that a 3.9 earthquake hit today just south of Elko, Nevada. Granted, a 3.9 isn't the type of quake you see making California fall into the ocean in the movies. But, it's big enough that it makes you pay attention.
Cowboy Poets Gather in Nevada with Eye on Oregon Conflict
RENO, Nev. (AP) — As troubadours, fiddlers and scribes head to northeast Nevada for a national gathering to celebrate cowboy poetry and culture, the topic of the sometimes tenuous relationship between the Old West and the realities of the New West will be more than campfire conversation.
Canadian Man’s Body Found 6 Miles from Town
Update: 10/03/12
PENTICTON, British Columbia -- The wife of a man whose remains were found in the Nevada wilderness 18 months after their van got stuck in mud and he went for help said she's grateful there's now tangible evidence of how he died. Albert Chretien's body was found in a he…

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