Today Governor Little extended the stay-at-home order for Idahoans. The order is now in effect until the end of the month. The extension does come with some changes to how it will affect our lives going forward. Some businesses previously deemed non-essential will be allowed to open as long as they can do business while following social distance guidelines. Residents will be required to continue social distancing rules as before until April 30th. What does that mean for us? We have gathered together the 10 commandments of pandemic life in Twin Falls along with brief explanations for you to obey...or kind of obey:

The 10 Commandments Of Pandemic Life In Twin Falls

Thou Shalt Stay Home. Unless You Can't. Yes, stay home. But don't stay home so long that you run out of food or medication. Also don't stay indoors so much that you go crazy. Crazy isn't good.

Don't Hoard. Preparedness is important but you aren't a dragon and don't need a hoard.

Thou Shalt Wash Your Hands. Like, you should wash them a lot. With soap.

Thou Shalt Wear A Mask. Wear a mask outdoors, in public, at the store. If you decide to not wear a mask, stay away from other people and don't mock or judge those who do wear them. Remember to be kind.

Thou Shalt Enjoy Your Family. You have a unique opportunity right now to be at home with your family.

Thou Shalt Use Your Time Wisely. This goes along with the previous commandment but also a reminder that you don't need to watch TV all the time or sleep more than usual. Use this time to be around and maybe learn something new.

Thou Shalt Stay Away. Social distance rules still apply during this pandemic.

Thou Shalt Self Sustain. Cook at home as much as you can. Many local businesses are open for delivery or curbside pickup so feel free to use those options too, but it might be a good idea to try your hand at something other than toast, cereal, or mac and cheese.

Thou Shalt Chill. Relax. Sure it is different right now and a little scary. But one of the main things to do when stuck at home is to not make your home a breeding ground for stress and fear.

Thou Shalt Not Procrastinate. Don't forget to do the things that need to be done. Spend time with family, find ways to have fun, but don't forget to pay the bills, file your taxes, and complete the census.

For more 10 Commandment lists for life in the Magic Valley, check out the list for Dierkes, Box Canyon, and driving around town.

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