Restaurants and businesses come and go, but there are always some that we are a little more disappointed to see go. Here are the 10 restaurants Twin Falls residents miss the most.

I was going to only do five, but there are so many to list that I had to up it to 10 and I am still going to miss some. So here, according to comments we have received, are the most missed restaurants from Twin Falls past.


  • 1

    Me 'N Ed's

    I have only been here for a few years and I have heard this place was absolutely amazing. Sad I missed out.

  • 2


    This was another apparent popular place that I am sad I missed out on. I hear the food was great.

  • 3

    Red Steer

    Starting to sense a bit of a theme with the meat/steak houses.

  • 4

    Prime Cut

    The name alone sounds like the food would be amazing.

  • 5


    This I heard was right up there with Me 'N Ed's when it came to pizza places.

  • 6

    Dale's Dogs

    Twin Falls used to have a hotdog place?! Come back!

  • 7

    River Rock Grill

    I did get to eat here once. It was great food and great ambiance.

  • 8


    People who raved about this place really did RAVE about it.

  • 9

    North Chuck Wagon

    Another one that the name sounds amazing as well.

  • 10

    Chicago Connection

    BONUS: Guppies Hot Rod Grille. Technically it is coming back and it will still be close in Kimberly, but we sure do miss that place.

    What others did we miss