There are so many delicious locally-owned restaurants in Twin Falls. I am pretty sure 90 percent of them would make really good national chains. We need to share the amazing food with the nation without having the people have to come here to try it.


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    One of the best diners in the world. I love their food. It is comforting, delicious, affordable and the United States is losing its diners left and right. Norm's could be the way to revamp the American Diner.

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    Buffalo Cafe

    The same argument for Norms. The food is absolutely amazing. I think Buffalo chips alone are worth a national chain.

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    Scooter's Chillin' and Grillin'

    One of the best bars, food, family-friendly (before 7 pm) places that I have ever been to. The garlic parmesan fries are to die for. I have never had a bad meal or drink here.

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    Milner's Gate

    They could easily be a fancy national chain that people would love to attend. The food is amazing. The atmosphere is pleasant, and they have a great bar selection. Their beer is pretty good too.

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    Koto is amazing. They have unique food that is fancy, but affordable, and delicious. They host some great and fun events. They have a great beer brewing selection. It is everything you want in a chain.

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    Twin Falls Sandwich Company

    Every time I have people come to Twin Falls we tend to stop here for their food. The sandwiches and paninis are fantastic. The fries and burgers are great. Even the salads are totally upscale.

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    Anchor Bistro

    This place is always good. They are always busy, they have revamped the inside so it isn't as loud and the food is stellar. I could live off their ahi tuna tacos.

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    The Smokey Bone BBQ

    Oh man, their food is so good. If Dickeys BBQ can make it as a chain then Smokey Bone can blow them out of the water.

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    El Toro

    They have some of the best authentic Mexican food I have ever had in my life. They could hold their own with any other Mexican restaurant chain easily.

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    I love their food. Thai food is one of my favorites and they nail it every single time. The cashew chicken is my favorite. Their pot stickers, oh man. I would love to see them as a chain so I could eat it wherever I traveled.

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