I grew up in Salt Lake City and I don't remember ever experiencing an earthquake. Others I have talked to are certain they happen frequently. Either way, there was a 3.7 magnitude earthquake around 5am a few miles south of Salt Lake City. The earthquake was 2 miles from Bluffdale but was felt in Salt Lake, according to my friends and family in the area. I was in an earthquake when I lived in Ecuador and that was in the morning and it was scary because you wake from a dream disoriented and shaking. That is what my friends are saying in Utah too - the earthquake wasn't bad but the waking up to random shaking is scary.

A similar sized quake happened near Soda Springs last November. We had some scary shakes happen here in southern Idaho a few years ago. September of 2017, Soda Springs was an earthquake hot spot with more than 90 earthquakes happening within a few days of each other. The largest of those was a 5.3 magnitude earthquake.

Have you ever been in an earthquake?