I didn’t need to buy gas for several weeks.

Some pricier brands are better blends but, still

The last time I filled up it was just over $2.40 a gallon for unleaded regular.  Saturday I went back to the pump at Costco.  This time there was quite a shock.  The price was $2.68.9.  If you think that’s a tough pill to swallow a few blocks downhill on Pole Line Road I saw a price of $2.99.9.

If you’re doing the math it’s a 31 cent a gallon price swing, or a difference in excess of ten percent.  It’s not to criticize some of the higher prices.  Some pricier brands are better blends but, still.

When we see steep price increases the public starts looking for bargains.  According to analysts there won’t be any relief for quite some time to come.

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