TIMMERMAN JUNCTION, Idaho (KLIX) The speed limit at Timmerman Junction south of Bellevue will change a little for drivers this week.

The Idaho Transportation Department says they will be shortening the 45 mph speed zones on Idaho 75 at the junction with US 20. ITD says motorist will be able to speed up sooner going north or south from the 45 mph speed zone.

“We want to emphasize compliance with the 45 mile-per-hour speed limit approaching the intersection, which will remain unchanged,” ITD traffic engineer Bruce Christensen said in a news release. “This will allow motorists to speed up after they have safely traveled through the intersection. The speed limit supports safe-driving habits through Timmerman Junction and both north and south of the crossing.”

In 2011 the current speed limit was put in place after several accidents at the junction. The junction is under a study for a long-term fix to make it safer.

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