Punxsutawney Phil has officially predicted 6 more weeks of winter. Now, it is strange that it has become a tradition to listen to a groundhog who has either seen or not seen his shadow instead of meteorologists. But, just to be fun, we have come up with phrases the groundhog would say if it was actually from here.

He wouldn't be a Phil either, I feel like if he was from Twin Falls he would be a "Tim". And Twin Falls Tim would say these things instead:

  • 1

    "Sorry Idaho, you do your own thing"

    We all know weather in Idaho does whatever it wants. Twin Falls Tim would know that too.

  • 2

    "We have 6 more months of wind"

    Oh 6 more years of wind, the wind never stops blowing. It is just always windy.

  • 3

    "I don't know, I'm a glorified rock chuck"

    He would know better than to think he can predict the weather. There are so many rock chucks around here he would know he wasn't much better.

  • 4

    "6 more weeks of winter, I'm sorry! Don't Shoot!"

    Lots of people go rock chuck hunting around here. I would imagine people would enjoy a little groundhog hunting too. Especially if he was delivering us bad news.

  • 5

    "It may or may not, but probably, almost definitely, not, going to get snow in April"

    Honestly, do we even know when the snow stops around here? We have had snow in April and May before. But it isn't every year, but it isn't uncommon.

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