Idaho has some beautiful natural spots, but some of those beautiful plants also want to kill you. We found 6 deadly plants in our area.

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1.) Death Camas apparently has similar properties to onions, without the odor. But this one is highly toxic and really wants to kill you if you eat it. The entire plant is toxic, so that's great. Symptoms include nausea, diarrhea, coma and of course, death. So stay away from it. It also looks like Blue Camas which is not poisonous, just to be confusing, but this one is white.

2.) Corn Lily is found in more moist areas of the state. The roots are the real poisonous part. It is currently being studied to see if it can treat certain cancers, which sounds great. Symptoms however include, blurred vision, hallucinations, burning mouth and paralysis which are not great.

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3.) Climbing Nightshade is kind of a jerk. It has beautiful red berries that want to kill you. They look delicious and inviting, which is what causes the most problems. The unripe fruit is worse, but it's best to avoid it all together. Symptoms include vomiting, difficulty breathing, bloody urine and even death. Why does delicious looking things have to be deadly?

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4.) Poison Hemlock is obviously trying to kill you, it's kind of in the name. Fortunately it is obvious because of purple spotted stems and apparently it smells bad when it gets crushed. The younger plants are worse than the older plants. Symptoms are fun: stimulation then depression of your nervous system followed by respiratory paralysis.

5.) Chokecherry again sounds bad, but looks great. The fruit is enjoyed by people every year, but there are cases of poisoning if you eat anything that isn't the fruit, especially children who may eat the seeds. Yea, things like Cyanide poisoning. This is a special kind of jerk, the fruit is great, but everything else will kill you! Symptoms include confusion, headache, convulsions, coma and death. Yea, and people make jams and pies out of this stuff.

6.) Spurge just sounds like a terrible thing to eat. The plants bleed when bruised, yes, BLEED a milky substance. Here is the kicker, you can get poisoned just from licking your fingers after you have touched it and wiping it off. Symptoms include burning lips and tongue, rash, blisters, convulsions and of course, even death.

So we have deadly fruit, non-deadly fruit on a deadly branch and bleeding plants. That's great stuff. If you are interested in learning about other poisonous plants in Idaho you can find some here.