When I first moved here I learned that Idahoans say things differently and have their own lingo. If you want to sound like a native Idahoan and not be pegged as an "outsider" there are some words you should learn.

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  • 1


    Sure you may think you know this one already, but you have to make sure you pronounce it correctly. It is not show-shone-ee like the Indian tribe. It is Show Shown.

  • 2

    Finger Steaks

    Learn this one as soon as you can. Idahoans love their finger steaks. It is a staple at almost every restaurant.

  • 3

    Fry Sauce

    Learn it, eat it on everything, enjoy life that much more.

  • 4

    Jockey Box

    To some people this is also known as a glove box or glove compartment. It is the compartment in your car you likely keep your insurance information in.

  • 5


    That fateful year when the snow fell in larger amounts than it had in 30 years followed by flooding. People were snowed in to their homes, flooding in the spring caused major problem. It was 2016, look up some damage and you will fit right in when people start reminiscing. Also known as "Snowpocalypse"

  • 6


    A term used to describe something that is crooked, strange or different. "That chair is sitting all caddywampus"

  • 7


    The endearing term we have coined to call the great state our favorite place to live. Idahome is on shirts, decorations and a lifestyle.

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