SODA SPRINGS, Idaho (KLIX)-An 81-year-old woman who got separated from her family while picking huckleberries Wednesday and spent the night alone was found safe the next day by a helicopter pilot in eastern Idaho. According to the Caribou County Sheriff's Office, Janet Anderson was reported missing by her family after they had gotten separated in an area 17 miles south of Soda Springs.

A search and rescue team began looking for the woman using spot lights and thermal imaging, but didn't find her. On Thursday, a local helicopter pilot joined the search and was able to locate the woman as he flew over a ridgeline, about 1,000 feet above the area she was last seen with family. The sheriff's office said Anderson spent the night under the stars eating the huckleberries she had picked. She had some minor injuries after falling during the night, but was otherwise in good health and spirit.

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